You can have all the skills in the world but you need to develop the personality of a master hacker and you need to be discreet above everything else. People don’t get anywhere if they announce that they are locked out in Miami. That’s how you get caught so here are key attirbutes you need to be a successful hacker.

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“Having first appeared in September 2013, it targets just Windows computers. It usually makes its way to the victim via an email attachment. When the user clicks on the attachment, it uses RSA 2048 bit public key cryptography to encrypt all the target files while the attacker holds the private key.
RSA encryption uses two keys that are different, one public and one private that uses very large prime number factorization.
As of December 2013, the attacker’s Bitcoin account had a balance of $27,000,00!
The key takeaway here is that these hackers really didn’t invent anything new, they simply used some tried and true social engineering techniques coupled with some knowledge of public key cryptography to garner millions of dollars!”


“A hacker must be persistent. If you fail at first, try again. If that fails, come up with a new approach and try again. It is only with a persistence that you will be able to hack the most secured systems.”


“Finally, I have personally observed that the self-deprecating behavior of some leading hackers reflects a real (and not unjustified) fear of becoming the object of a personality cult. Linus Torvalds and Larry Wall both provide clear and numerous examples of such avoidance behavior. Once, on a dinner expedition with Larry Wall, I joked “You’re the alpha hacker here—you get to pick the restaurant”. He flinched noticeably. And rightly so; failing to distinguish their shared values from the personalities of their leaders has ruined a good many voluntary communities, a pattern of which Larry and Linus cannot fail to be fully aware. On the other hand, most hackers would love to have Larry’s problem, if they could but bring themselves to admit it.”


I usually try to let other people speak and teach people through other examples in order to keep my identity a secret and to prevent myself from being personally scrutinized for advocating this culture. Otherwise you’ll never access your inner locksmith in Miami.

But I highly suggest every young hacker read The art of War. It’s extremely pertinent in this world. While there are a lot of people who follow the scorcher earth principle. It’s much better for the culture to be respectful and to play your cards very close to your chest.